About the Book

Including more than 300 practical ideas and activities, Honeycomb Kids is a book with two priceless benefits: not only does it help you prepare your children for an uncertain tomorrow, it also helps you shift to a better family life for today.

Honeycomb Kids is a book about making the most of the day-to-day with your family while preparing your children for likely impacts on their world including global population growth, peak oil, competition for resources, increasing costs of living (food, electricity), health issues and plenty more. It’s about raising contributors not just consumers. The book also covers off on ‘nature deficit disorder’ and how to mitigate every day threats to children while making them more resilient and capable.
Authored by mother Anna Campbell, the book explores the various big picture scenarios our children may face as adults, and offers more than 300 proactive suggestions as to how you can help your children meet, rise above and contribute positively to the challenges coming their way.
From the Introduction to Honeycomb Kids
There’s honeycomb and then there’s honeycomb. The stuff you buy in a chocolate bar is an unhealthy factory mix of preservatives, synthetic colour and refined sugar, but the real golden yellow network of honeycomb produced by honey bees is one of nature’s wonders. It’s a thing of beauty, strength, utility, nutrition, healing, sweetness and longevity. It’s the product of a community working together for the benefit of all with the past in mind, the present in hand and future needs constantly factored in.
One cell of honeycomb won’t keep even a single bee alive, but when the cells are joined together and filled with nectar and pollen, they provide individual bees and the colony with a strong, resilient, bounteous framework in which they can thrive.
That’s why this book is called Honeycomb Kids. It’s all about working to build this kind of resilience within your own family and community, and providing a framework in which your children will thrive, both now and in the future.
The honeycomb approach to child-raising actually makes parenting a whole lot easier, and loads more fun too! It does this by enabling families to see the big picture, to set a clear direction, to focus on what really matters in life and to go against the tide of consumerism at all costs. It’s about empowering our kids, rather than just driving them around.


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