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12 March 2013: Honeycomb Kids announced as a Finalist in the prestigious Book of the Year Awards by Foreword Reviews in two category: Non-Fiction – Ecology & Environment and Non-Fiction – Family & Relationships


Praise for Honeycomb Kids:


Below are comments from reviewers, community leaders, university professors and professionals working in the areas of child-raising, social justice, the environment, peak oil, transition towns and sustainability. If you’d like to see what regular readers are saying, please click here

Honeycomb Kids is an important book. It will not only have you punching the air with your fist and gasping in recognition – it will also quite possibly change your children’s future. And if you’re anything like me – consistently overwhelmed at the pace we’re having to keep abreast of and terrified our children will soon enter warp speed – it might even make you worry less. And feel happier more….  Campbell’s beautiful book uses a warm, articulate and intelligent voice to guide the reader through mega ‘aha!’ moments in living a more dedicated, more balanced and happier life. – Tania McCartney, Author & Senior Editor & Book Reviewer 

Honeycomb Kids is a fine parenting guide for parents who know the wisdom may remain the same but the ways we teach our kids change with the times.
Mid West Book Review


In prose that is engaging and easy to read, Anna Campbell spurs us to think hard about the lives we have chosen to lead and the examples we are setting for our children. Full of practical advice on how we can help our children grow into happy, healthy, and resilient individuals, Honeycomb Kids is a must-read.
Kate Hopper, author of Use Your Words: A Writing Guide for Mothers



One world. One humanity. One destiny. It can all start with one family: yours. Honeycomb Kids gives you the ideas and tools you need to parent with the future in mind.
Professor Tim Flannery


Sustainable lifestyles and families lead to real wealth. Use this book to help you start investing now.
David Wann, author, Simple Prosperity


Anna Campbell’s “honeycomb” is a metaphor for a context in which parents can raise resilient, capable, caring kids who can make their way in, and contribute positively to, a world that currently appears to be careening toward environmental and economic ruin. Parents who are aware of climate change, peak oil, and other global problems will find both honesty and inspiration.
Richard Heinberg, Author, The End of Growth, Senior Fellow, Post Carbon Institute


Positive change in the world comes about with the rise of new generations, so this guide for parents helping children grow through both global and personal challenges is both needed and very welcome.
Tim Costello, Chief Executive, World Vision Australia


We face a pressing challenge of creating resilient communities able to meet the challenges of peak oil, climate change and over consumption. “Honeycomb Kids” provides an easy-to-read, handy tool for shaping a sustainable, fulfilling future. While it provides practical ideas for how to nurture children who focus on what really matters, it also challenges parents and community members to reconsider how we live. Hopefully it will generate conversations and action at dinner tables, schools, playgroups, places of worship, parties and even boardrooms throughout the country.
Dr Graeme Stuart, Family Action Centre, The University of Newcastle


Honeycomb Kids provides an important and timely contribution to the ‘collective wisdom’ of modern day parents across the globe. It is unique in its approach and scope, addressing parenting and child development in the context of wider society and the significant and unprecedented changes that are taking place, both locally and worldwide. Honeycomb Kids presents a convincing argument for reconnecting modern-day children with nature, family and community, which moves way beyond the individual, and explores the impact of doing so (and not doing so) on future generations,and the health of the planet. This book has something for everyone and just like life itself, offers light and shade, humour and deeper contemplation, frustration and hope. Full of practical suggestions (which we are kindly encouraged to ‘add our own special ingredient’) and honest reflection, this mother’s journey offers sincerity and inspiration and is set to be an important catalyst for affecting change, for the betterment of families, communities and humankind.
Lenora Newcombe, President of Hunter Alliance for Childhood Inc.


If you’re a parent or a grandparent wondering how to tread lightly into the 21st century, you might like to start by reading this book.
Kirsty McKenzie, Editor, Australian Country Collections


Transition initiatives attract people of all ages, concerned about the world our generations are creating for future generations to live in. We try to live more sustainably ourselves and work at building local community resilience. We recognise that this process of transition will possibly take several generations. Anna Campbell’s Honeycomb Kids brings a fresh and very important new perspective to the Transition narrative. Written with skill, humour and heart, this book gives simple, practical and wise guidance for raising children who will undoubtedly be influential in building sustainable, resilient communities wherever they live in the future. Read it yourself, be inspired, and give it as a gift to anyone you know with children – the planet will thank you!
Peter Driscoll, Co-founder, Transition Sydney


“Here’s what you should take away from what I’m saying about this book: it’s definitely a keeper.  It’s an easy read, full of thought-provoking discussions and ideas on raising well-rounded kids.”  Left to Write Book Reviews


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