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In addition to reading Honeycomb Kids, you might also find some interesting information within these books, our family sure did and they take pride of place on our bookshelves.  nb: If you click and end up buying, we may receive a small commission from Amazon, or why not borrow the book at your local library and/or support your local book store!?!
About Peak Oil / Oil Supply & Price Volatility:
Self Reliance & Skills & Simple Living:
Community Building


Climate Change & Environment


Health & Food & Farming
 Children & Parenting Books  

Ashner, Laurie & Meyerson, Mitch, When is Enough, Enough? What You Can Do if You Never Feel Satisfied, Hazelden, 1997

Astyk, Sharon, Depletion & Abundance – Life on the New Homefront, (Canada: New Society Publishers, 2008)

Berry, Wendell, Bringing it to the Table – On Farming and Food, Counterpoint Press, 2009

Carlson, Richard, What About the Big Stuff?, Hyperion, 2002

Campbell, Colin, The Coming Oil Crisis, Multi-Science Publishing Co Ltd, 2004

Canfield, Jack, The Success Principles – Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, Harper Collins, 2005

Deveson, Anne, Resilience, Allen & Unwin, 2003

Gardner, Howard, Intelligence Reframed, (New York: Basic Books, 2007)

Graham, John, Stick Your Neck Out: A Street Smart Guide to Creating Change in Your Community & Beyond, Berrett-Koehler Publishing, 2005

Greer, John Michael, The Long Descent, (Canada: New Society Publishers 2008)

Grille, Robin, Parenting for a Peaceful World, Longueville Media, 2005

Gritser, Greg, Fat Land (How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World), Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2003

Hamilton, Clive, and Denniss, Richard, Affluenza, Allen and Unwin, 2005

Hamilton, Clive, Requiem for a Species, Earthscan, 2010

Heinberg, Richard, The Party’s Over – Oil, War and the Fate of Industrialised Societies, 2nd edition (Canada: New Society Publishers, 2005)

Heinberg, Richard, Powerdown: Options & Actions for a Post-Carbon World, (Canada: New Society Publishers, 2004)

Irvine, Dr John, Handbook for Happy Families, Finch Publishing, 2003

Jacobsen, Rowan, Fruitless Fall – the Collapse of the Honey Bee and the Coming Agricultural Crisis, Bloomsbury USA, 2008

Malkan, Stacey, Not Such a Pretty Face, (Canada: New Society Publishers, 2007)

Marinoff, Lou, The Big Questions – How Philosophy Can Change Your Life, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, 2004

Martin, Hans-Peter & Schumann, Harald, The Global Trap: Globalization and the assault on prosperity and democracy, St Martin’s Press, 1997

Martin, James, The Meaning of the 21st Century, Riverhead Trade, 2007

Mason, Colin, The 2030 Spike: Countdown to Global Catastrophe, Earthscan Publications Ltd, 2003

Merkel, Jim, Radical Simplicity, (Canada: New Society Publishers 2003)

Morse, Suzanne W, Smart Communities: How Communities & Local Leaders can Use Strategic Thinking to Build a Brighter Future, Jossey-Bass, 2004

Napthali, Sarah, Buddhism for Mothers, Allen & Unwin, 2003

Payne, Kim John, Simplicity Parenting, (New York: Ballantine Books, 2010)

Ripley, Amanda, The Unthinkable – who survives when disaster strikes – and why, Three Rivers Press; Reprint Edition, 2009

Seligman, Martin, The Optimistic Child, Mariner Books, 2007

Seligman, Martin, Authentic Happiness, Random House, 2002

Seymour, John, The Self-sufficient Life and How to Live it, DK Publishing, 2009

Shipard, Isabell, How Can I Use Herbs in My Daily Life?, David Stewart, 2003

Shipard, Isabell, How Can I Be Prepared with Self Sufficiency and Survival Foods?, David Stewart, 2008

Simmons, Matthew R, Twilight in the Desert, Wiley, 2006

Smith, Rick and Lourie, Bruce, Slow Death by Rubber Duck, (Canada: Knopf, 2009)

Spigarelli, Jack A, Crisis Preparedness Handbook – Cross Current Pub, 2002

Stein, Matthew, When Technology Fails, Chelsea Green Publishing, 2008

Suzuki, David, The Sacred Balance, (Canada: Greystone Books, 2007)