The Author

Anna M. Campbell is a mother, beekeeper, balm-maker, public speaker, and sustainable-living educator. She and her husband are having loads of fun (and facing lots of challenges!) raising their kids “Honeycomb” style.


Anna has lived in the suburbs and cities of the USA and Australia,and in stunning environmentally-sensitive locations such as coral islands, rainforests and snow-covered National Parks. She and her family moved to farmland 6 years ago to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle, a lifestyle aimed at developing the capability and resilience of all family members. This lifestyle has led her on a personal adventure that includes beekeeping, balm-making and book writing to name a few!


Overnight farmstay guests, wwoofers, Helpxers and bus tour visitors to Anna’s farm (Honeycomb Valley) get to experience everything from a solar oven that cooks up sun-baked treats, to honey and native beekeeping, balm-making, edible flowers and more.


The family’s current project is the establishment of a native bee sanctuary set within an ethnobotanical garden (a garden full of plants of importance to humanity).