Would you like green beans with that?

Baby steps.

Baby steps and resolve.

Baby steps + resolve = outcomes changed.

In our family ‘baby steps’ means consciously choosing health for our kids and the planet. The ‘resolve’ means we look for different options, have to say ‘no’ (and stick to it!) a lot more, and that we commit to supporting businesses with environmentally & human-friendly practices whenever we can. This doesn’t always make us popular with the kids of course!

The ‘outcomes changed’ range from little to large, and a little one the other day was a cracker. Our kids actually begged us to stop at a fast food outlet (Olivers) who were serving buckets of steamed green beans. Crunchy texture, hot and comforting, salty and moreish. And green. And good. And right next door to a major fast food chain who specialise in fries. Now, that would never have happened even a year ago – but it’s happening now.

Baby steps + resolve = outcomes changed.

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