Raising kids to deal with climate change and peak oil – Review from Transition Towns Transition Voice

Review for Honeycomb Kids from Transition Voice:

3 Steps to Raise a Happy Peak Oil Kid

Your baby absorbed so many early-learning podcasts in utero that when she’s born she doesn’t know if she’s supposed to be Baby Einstein, Baby Mozart or Baby Bill Gates. Your husband or wife had to call in some big favors to reserve little Emma or Alessandra a place in a top preschool. After that, you’ve got her future all planned out: a decent gifted program, Yale undergrad, Wharton MBA, partner at Goldman Sachs.

If this is your parenting style, then Honeycomb Kids: Big Picture Parenting for a Changing World…and to Change the World probably isn’t in the pile of books sitting on your bedside table. But that’s a shame. It’s big-spending, ambitious, hard-charging parents who probably need this wise and gentle book the most.

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