Kids’ Market Stall – Contributing vs Consuming

Sooo great to see local kids banding together at the market this weekend to sell their wares. The lovely market managers charge them $2ea (and they get a receipt!) to share a “Kids’ Community Stall”. Any child is welcome to join the stall so long as they have had a hand in producing the product. In this case it was picking flowers for the cordial, helping make the slice, hand-decorating boxes and painting pictures for a lucky dip.
It’s great when we give kids the ability to contribute and produce and be active participants in life rather than just recipients of it. They learn so much about creativity, effort, communication skills and even finance.
Sure, these kids kept abandoning their stall and cash tin to go dance and do flips on the grass, but hey – wouldn’t we all like to have this much fun while making pocket money?
Is there a local market near you where you could explore the concept of your kids being contributors rather than just consumers?

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