Tania McCartney Reviews Honeycomb Kids

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Many is the time I look at my digital babies (aged 11 and 9) and marvel at the completely different planet they live on. I marvel at the complete divergence between their childhood and my own, despite, like many parents, spending considerable time ensuring they have as much of a ‘real life’ existence as possible (as opposed to the virtual one they are living via laptops, iPads, and various game platforms).

Yes, digital babies have untold benefits. They also have untold disadvantage – the consequences of which we may not realise for many decades to come.

As my children sit poised on the launching pad to adulthood, my eyes are wide open to the future we are leaving them to take in hand. Learning more about this new book – Honeycomb Kids – was of enormous interest to me because that handing-over-to-our-kids thing – I must admit, fills me with a little bit of worry. Not only for the fact that our kids are increasingly losing touch with reality, but that they are also facing a world that has achieved the most incredible amount of change in the smallest amount of time in the history of our existence.

For the full book review visit here

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