“Will people forever thank us for what we do today?”

Of the thousands of Bob Browns in the world, one Bob Brown wrote a book in 2009 called “Earth”. There are a mere 500 words in “Earth”, but they certainly pack a punch.

“Will people forever thank us for what we do today?”, is the big question Bob asks.

Um. Gulp. That got me thinking!

If we all thought that way, imagine what a different approach we’d take to:

Our careers: would we really keep working for the company we do?

Housing/Renovations: what do we really need, what makes the best use of resources, and what will stand the test of time?

Purchases: would we continue to unpack our wallet to buy stuff we are only going to throw away?

Health: would we continue to demand and buy products that pollute the air, water and our bodies

Education: As Albert Einstein said “We can’t solve problems using the same kind of thinking that created them”, so how might we educate ourselves differently?

Water: I’ve been travelling through towns where coal seam gas mining is ramping up and communities are nervous about water security…maybe politicians and big business might stop thinking about “economic growth” and “quarterly sharemarket reports”, and more about the “economics of happiness” and “sharing into the next century”.

When you ask that question of yourself: “Will people forever thank me for what I do today?”, what is your answer?

Mine is: Yikes!!!…I’ve got a lot to make up for and a helluva long way to go! But hey, I’m willing to give it a go! Especially when I think of one of Bob’s other poignant lines:

“Each of us alters the whole by just a little and yet forever”.

Those are two quotes worth sticking up on the wall at home methinks!

Nb: Bob Brown is an Australian Senator and leader of the Green Party in the nation (or was until a few days ago when he resigned!). I don’t know Bob from Bob (though after reading his book I’d sure like to), but I did send him an advance review copy of Honeycomb Kids and he sent me the nicest note in reply along with his beautiful book. The ISBN for it if you’re interested is: 9780646514659

Earth by bob Brown

Earth by Bob Brown


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