USA’s Chelsea Green to Distribute Honeycomb Kids, Codasat in Canada

In a chapter in Honeycomb Kids the importance of books in teaching, inspiring and widening the interests of children is explored. And as an adult, I’m a sucker for them too!

Books allow us to dip into the wisdom and learnings of others, whether that be creating a delicious new meal, choosing the ingredients for a natural insect repellent, or learning how to make your community more resilient. Books have been a huge part of my own journey. Through books and through mentors over the last 7 years I’ve learned so much including how to keep bees, how to make cheese, how to save seeds and so much more.

Many of my favourite and most useful books have come from Chelsea Green Publishing. So it was so wonderful today to receive word that Chelsea Green will be distributing Honeycomb Kids in the USA – with launch set for Earth Day – April 22 2012. Yay!

Canadian distribution is with Codasat

Australian distribution is with the bookstores’ favourite: Dennis Jones & Associates.


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