Daylight Robbery at the Neighbour’s House

In broad daylight we strolled into our neighbour’s home, took what we wanted and left. We took all the stuff we could easily flog at the pub: drop saw, hand tools and a not-so-easily concealed cement mixer. We even ate their food.

Stuff’s always going missing from our house, so we thought we’d pay them back.

We didn’t call the police when it happened to us. And they didn’t either. That’s because it’s called: sharing.

Sharing’s this funny thing we parents encourage kids to do:

“C’mon Johnny, share your ball.”
“Jemma, hop off the swing and give that girl a turn”.
“Georgia! Stop pulling your sister’s hair! Just share would you!?!”

But as adults we kind of forget to do it ourselves. Sure, we share opinions, vinos and woes, but do we really share out stuff? And why should we?

As a kid I was actually a good sharer, but the worst type of borrower. My sister hated loaning me clothes because she knew her frilly fashions would come back smoked, soaked and stained. But since coming off the fake ID, I’ve been working on my caretaking skills and what I’ve discovered is that sharing:

  • saves lots of money: when two or three or four families share, it reduces everyone’s expenditure by half or two-thirds or three-quarters!
  • is good for the environment: one less mower means a little less extraction of non-renewable resources
  • enriches relationships: if the caretaking part is done right of course!
  • makes a community more resilient: neighbours who share, communicate and make decisions together are much more of a force than a compartmentalised unit can ever be
  • reduces clutter: imagine the freedom of being able to move around your home when you don’t need to house a ladder, crockpot, juicer, mower, trampoline, games console, popcorn machine and milkshake maker 24/7!

How do you start sharing? Get the party started by visiting your neighbours with a list of items you’re willing to share in the street’s loan pool. Or if you don’t want to share what you already have, how about collaborating and colluding with neighbours on your next purchase!?! Think of it as a toy library for grown-ups!

Have you a story of sharing gone right or wrong?

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