Growing Adults

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We get to meet all sorts of wonderful young people on the farm thanks to the Helpx and Wwoof (willing workers on organic farms) network, and it gives us great hope for the future. Of course, we also sometimes meet twenty year olds who act more like twelve year olds, but that’s a rarity as most people who choose to travel the world this way have a bit more get up and go. Case in point, some of the fabulous wwoofers who have spent the last couple of weeks with us helping us create an ethnobotanical garden out of a bare paddock.

The work has been hard, but the smiles come easy, and that’s because everyone from toddlers to teens to great grandma’s feel good when they contribute.

The more we’re able to find ways for our young people  (and ourselves!) to contribute, be grateful and helpful – rather than just consume – the better (and more fun!) for all. What do you think?


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